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“Formation of Organic Color Centers in Air-Suspended Carbon Nanotubes Using Vapor-Phase Reaction” D. Kozawa,* X. Wu, A. Ishii, J. Fortner, K. Otsuka, R. Xiang, T. Inoue, S. Maruyama, Y. Wang, Y. K. Kato*. arXiv:2103.00689 (2021)

“Cleanly Removable Surfactant for Carbon Nanotubes”, Zhang, Chiyu; Wang, Peng; Barnes, Benjamin; Fortner, Jacob; Wang, YuHuang* Chemistry of Materials 2021, 12, 4551–4557.

“Electroluminescence from 4-nitroaryl organic color centers in semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes,” Xu, B.*; Wu, X.J.; Kim, M.; Wang, P.; Wang, Y.* Journal of Applied Physics 2021, 129, 044305. (Special Topic on Physics and Applications of Nanotubes, guest edited by Shigeo Maruyama, Michael Arnold, and Ralph Krupke, in collaboration with JAP Associate Editors Masayoshi Tonouchi and Lian-Mao Peng).

“Beyond Color: The New Carbon Ink.” Wang, P.; Barnes, B.; Huang, Z.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Y.* Adv. Mater. 2021, 2005890 (invited review article).

“Massively Parallel, Cantilever-free Atomic Force Microscopy.” Cao, W.; Alsharif, N.; Zhongjie Huang, Z.; Alice White, A.; Wang, Y.; Brown, K.* Nature Communications 2021, 12, 393.

“Selective filling of n-hexane in a tight nanopore.” Haoran Qu, Archith Rayabharam, Xiaojian Wu, Peng Wang, Yunfeng Li, Jeffrey Fagan, Narayana R. Aluru, YuHuang Wang.* Nature Communications 2021, 12, 310.

“Applications of Cellulose Nanomaterials in Stimuli-Responsive Optics.” Peng, Z.*; Lin, Q.; Tai, Y. A.; Wang, Y.H.* Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2020, 68, 46, 12940-12955. (Invited review article. Special Issue: Highlights of AGFD program at 258th ACS National Meeting, San Diego)

“A flexible mesofiber-based fast current collector.” Henry, H.K., Hu, J., Cheng, X. Hwang, W.; Briber, R.*; Wang, Y.H.*; Lee, S. B.* J. Mater. Sci. 2020, 55, 11391–11402.

“Banning carbon nanotubes would be scientifically unjustified and damaging to innovation.” Heller, D. A.*; Jena, P. V.; Pasquali, M.; Kostarelos, K.; Delogu, L. G.; Meidl, R. E.; Rotkin, S. V.; Scheinberg, D. A.; Schwartz, R. E.; Terrones, M.; Wang, Y.; Bianco, A.; Boghossian, A. A.; Cambré, S.; Cognet, L.; Corrie, S. R.; Demokritou, P.; Giordani, S.; Hertel, T.; Ignatova, T.; Islam, M. F.; Iverson, N. M.; Jagota, A.; Janas, D.; Kono, J.; Kruss, S.; Landry, M. P.; Li, Y.; Martel, R.; Maruyama, S.; Naumov, A. V.; Prato, M.; Quinn, S. J.; Roxbury, D.; Strano, M. S.; Tour, J. M.; Weisman, R. B.; Wenseleers, W.; Yudasaka, M. Nature Nanotechnology 2020, 15 (3), 164-166.

“Dry-Drawability of Few-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Grown by Alcohol Chemical Vapor Deposition.” Okada, M.*; Igimi, S.; Inoue, T.; Cheng, X. Y.; Xiang, R.; Chiashi, S.; Inoue, Y.; Wang, Y.H.; Maruyama, S. J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 16729-17440.

“Hidden fine structure of quantum defects revealed by single carbon nanotube magneto-photoluminescence.” Kim, Y.; Goupalov, S. V.; Weight, B. M.; Gifford, B.J.; He, X.; Saha, A.; Kim, M.; Ao, G.; Wang, Y.H.; Zheng, M.; Tretiak, S.; Doorn, S. K.*, Htoon, H.* ACS Nano 2020, 14, 3, 3451–3460.

“Photolithography of Organic Color-Centers.” Huang, Z.; Powell, L. R.; Wu, X.; Kim, M.; Qu, H.; Ng, A. L.; Wang, Y.* Advanced Materials 2020, 1906517.

“Probing the Electrical Double Layer by operando X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy through a Carbon Nanotube-Strengthened Graphene Window.” Wang, P.+; Li, Y.+; Wang, L.; Klos, J.; Peng, Z.; Kim, N.; Bluhm, H.; Gaskell, K.; Liu, P.; Lee, S.B.; Eichhorn, B.*; Wang, Y.* EcoMat 2020; 2:e12023. Also check out the force field deposited at

“Fluorescent sp3 Defect-Tailored Carbon Nanotubes Enable NIR-II Single Particle Imaging in Live Brain Slices at Ultra-Low Excitation Doses.” Mandal, A.; Wu, X.; Ferreira, J. S.; Kim, M.; Powell, L. R.; Kwon, H.; Groc, L.; Wang, Y.H.; Cognet, L.*Scientific Reports 202010, 1-9. doi:

“Quantitative Infrared Spectroscopy of Environmentally Sensitive and Rough Materials.” Xu, B.B.; Peng, Z.W.; Wu, Z.P.; Zhang, X.A.; Wang, Y. H.* Reviews of Scientific Instruments 2019, 90, 113102.

“Designing textile architectures for high energy-efficiency human body sweat- and cooling-management.” Kun Fu; Zhi Yang; Yong Pei; Yongxin Wang; Beibei Xu; YuHuang Wang; Bao Yang; Liangbing Hu*. Advanced Fiber Materials 2019, 1, 61–70.

“Ultrafast Exciton Trapping at sp3 Quantum Defects in Carbon Nanotubes.” Sykes, M.; Kim, M.; Wu, X.J.; Wiederrecht, G.P.; Peng, L.; Wang, Y.H.; Gosztola, D. J.; Ma, X.D.* ACS Nano 2019, 13, 13264-13270.

“Probing Trions at Chemically Tailored Trapping Defects.” Kwon, H.J.; Kim, M.; Nutz, M; Hartmann, N.F.; Perrin, V.; Meany, B.; Hofmann, M. S.; Clark, C.W.; Htoon, H.; Doorn, S.K.; Högele, A.; Wang, Y.H.* ACS Central Science 2019, 5, 1786-1794. (Supplementary Journal Cover)

“One-pot, large-scale synthesis of organic color center-tailored semiconducting carbon nanotubes.” Luo, H.B.; Wang, P.; Wu, X.J.; Qu, H.; Ren, X.M.; Wang, Y. H.* ACS Nano 2019, 13, 1378417-8424.

“Chemically-tailored Carbon Nanotubes as a New Toolbox for Biomedicine and Beyond.” Barnes, B.; Brozena, A.; Wang, Y.H. The Biochemist. 2019, 41 (4), page 10-13 (A special issue celebrating Elements in Biochemistry from the Biochemical Society; invited perspective article).

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“Controlling the optical properties of carbon nanotubes with organic colour-centre quantum defects.” Brozena, A.; Kim, M.J.; Powell, L. R.; Wang, Y. H.*. Nature Reviews Chemistry 2019, 3, 375–392. DOI: 10.1038/s41570-019-0103-5.

“Fluorescent sp3 Defect-Tailored Carbon Nanotubes Enable NIR-II Single Particle Imaging in Live Brain Slices at Ultra-Low Excitation Doses.” Amit Mandal, Xiaojian Wu, Joana S. Ferreira, Mijin Kim, Lyndsey R. Powell, Hyejin Kwon, Laurent Groc, YuHuang Wang, Laurent Cognet*. 2019, BioRxiv 2019.

“Critical Knowledge Gaps in Mass Transport Through Single-Digit Nanopores: a Review and Perspective.” Samuel J. Faucher, Narayana R. Aluru, Martin Z. Bazant, Daniel Blankschtein, Alexandra H. Brozena, John Cumings, J. Pedro de Souza, Menachem Elimelech, Razi Epsztein, John T. Fourkas, Heather Kulik, Amir Levy, Arun Majumdar, Charles Martin, Michael McEldrew, Rahul Prasanna Misra, Aleksandr Noy, Tuan Anh Pham, Ananth Govind Rajan, Mark A. Reed, Eric Schwegler, Zuzanna S. Siwy, YuHuang Wang, and Michael Strano. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2019, 123, 21309-21326 (invited review article; journal cover).

“Self-sorting of 10 μm Long Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Aqueous Solution.” Wang, P.; Barnes, B.; Wu, X.; Qu, H.; Zhang, C.; Headrick, R.; Pasquali, M.; Wang, Y.H.* Advanced Materials 2019, 31, 1901641.

“Fluorescent Ultrashort Nanotubes from Defect-Induced Chemical Cutting.” Li, Yunfeng; Wu, Xiaojian; Kim, Mijin; Qu, Haoran; Fortner, Jacob; Wang, YuHuang*. Chemistry of Materials 2019, 31, 4536-4544.

“Optical Effects of Divalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes.” Gifford, Brendan; He, Xiaowei; Kim, Mijin; Kwon, Hyejin; Saha, Avishek; Sifain, Andrew; Wang, YuHuang; Htoon, Han; Kilina, Svetlana; Doorn, Stephen*; Tretiak, Sergei.* Chemistry of Materials 2019, 31, 6950-6961.

“Dynamic Gating of Infrared Radiation in a Textile.” Zhang, X.; Yu, S.J.; Xu, B.B.; Li, M.; Peng, Z. W.; Wang, Y.; Deng, S.L.; Wu, X.J.; Wu, Z.P.; Ouyang, M.*; Wang, Y. H.* Science 2019, 363, 619-623. Read a free copy of Reprint & Full Text courtesy of Science. This article is widely reported by news media including C&EN, New Scientist, MIT Technology Review, Scientific American, The Washington Post, BBC, The Times, and many others as tracked by Science at its Info & Metrics.

“Plasmonic-Enhanced Cholesteric Films: Co-assembling Anisotropic Gold Nanorods with Cellulose Nanocrystals.” Cheng, Zheng; Ma, Yi; Yang, Lin; Cheng, Feng; Huang, Zhongjie; Natan, Avi; Li, Hongyan; chen, Yong; Cao, Daxian; Huang, Zhifeng; Wang, YuHuang; Liu, Yongmin; Zhu, Hongli.* Advanced Optical Materials 2019, 1801816.

“Design of Elastomer-CNT Film Photoactuators for Nanolithography.” Li, L.; Huang, Z.J.; Wang, Y.H.*; Brown, K.A.* Polymers 2019, 11, 314 (Special Issue Lithography with polymer stamp techniques. guest editors: Michael Hirtz, Harold Fuchs), invited.

“Stretchable Transparent Conductive Films from Long Carbon Nanotube Metals.” Wang, P.; Peng, Z.; Li, M.X.; Wang, Y. H.* Small 2018, 14, 1802625 (Frontispiece).

“Concentrated Electrolytes Stabilize Bismuth-Based Potassium-Ion Batteries.” Zhang, R.; Bao, J.Z.; Wang, Y.H.; Sun, C.-F.* Chemical Science 2018, 9, 6193-6198. (This article is part of the themed collection: 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection)

“Mapping structure-property relationships of organic color centers.” Mijin Kim, Xiaojian Wu, Geyou Ao, Xiaowei He, Hyejin Kwon, Nicolai F. Hartmann, Ming Zheng, Stephen K. Doorn, YuHuang Wang. CHEM (Cell Press) 2018, 4, 2180-2191. Download a free copy while available.

“Ultrashort carbon nanotubes that fluoresce brightly in the near infrared.” Danné, N.; Kim, M.; Godin, A.G.; Kwon, H.; Gao, Z.H.; Wu, J.X.; Hartmann, N.; Doorn, S.K.; Lounis, B.; Wang, Y.H.; Cognet, L.* ACS Nano 2018, 12 (6), 6059–6065

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“Light‐Responsive Chemistry to Enable Tunable Interface‐Dependent Mechanical Properties in Composites.” Frank Gardea*, Zhongjie Huang, Bryan Glaz, Shashi Karna, Xiyuan Cheng, Zhiwei Peng, YuHuang Wang. Advanced Materials Interfacies 2018, 5, 1800038.

“Phosphine-Free Synthesis and Shape Evolution of MoSe2 Nanoflowers for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reactions.” C. Zhang, X. Chen, Z. Peng, X. Fu, L. Lian, W. Luo, J. Zhang, H. Li, Y. Wang and D. Zhang*. CrystEngComm, 2018, 20, 2491 (featured on the Cover).

“Phosphine-Free Synthesis and Optical Stabilities of Composition-tuneable Monodisperse Ternary PbSe1-xSx Alloyed Nanocrystals via Cation Exchange.” Zhang, Chi; Fu, Xiaoming; Peng, Zhiwei; Gao, JunHui; Xia, Yong; Zhang, Jianbing; Luo, Wei; Li, Honglang; Wang, YuHuang; Zhang, Daoli*. CrystEngComm 2018, 20, 2519.

“Photo-actuated Pens for Molecular Printing.” Huang, Z.J.; Li, L.; Zhang, X.A.; Alsharif, N.; Wu, X.J.; Peng, Z.W.; Cheng, X.Y.; Wang, P.; Brown, K.A.;* Wang, Y.H.* Advanced Materials 201830, 1705303.

“Self-Assembly and Photoactivation of Blue Luminescent CsPbBr3 Mesocrystals Synthesized at Ambient Temperature.” Fu, X.; Zhang, C; Peng, Z.; Xia, Y.; Zhang, J.; Luo, W.; Lu, Z.; Guo, L. J.; Li, H.; Wang, Y.H.; Zhang, D.* Journal of Materials Chemistry C 20186, 1701 – 1708.

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“Graphene as a functional layer for semiconducting carbon nanotube transistor sensors.” Peng, Z.; Ng, L. A.; Kwon, H.; Chen, C. F.; C. S. Lee; Wang, Y. H.* Carbon 2017, 125, 49-55. (read for free until Dec 9).

“Chirality-Selective Functionalization of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes with a Reactivity-Switchable Molecule.” Powell, L. R.; Kim, M.; Wang, Y. H.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139 (36), pp 12533–12540 (Journal Cover).

Read the JACS Spotlight by Melissae Fellet. “Reaction Selectively Functionalizes Less Reactive Chiral Nanotube.” JACS (Spotlights), 2017, 139, 13587..

“Superacid-Surfactant Exchange: Enabling Non-destructive Dispersion of Full-length Carbon Nanotubes in Water.” Wang, P.; Kim, M.; Peng, Z.; Sun, C.-F.; Lieberman, A.; Mok, J.; Wang, Y. H.* ACS Nano 2017, 11 (9), pp 9231–9238..

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 (highlighted by JACS Spotlights. see: Fellet, M. “New fluorescent nanostructures through surface modification.” JACS 2016, 138, 6689).

“Dual-template ordered mesoporous carbon/Fe2O3 nanowires as lithium-ion battery anodes.” Hu, J.; Sun, C.-F.; Gillette, E.; Gui, Z.; Wang, Y.H.*; Lee, S.B.* Nanoscale 2016, 8, 12958-12969.

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also, read News & Views by
Wang, Q.-H.; Strano, M. S. “Carbon nanotubes: A bright future for defects.” Nature Chemistry 2013, 5, 812-813.

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Publications Prior to Maryland
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