• Defect Chemistry Defect Chemistry
  • Tube^2 Tube^2
  • Innertube Percolation Innertube Percolation
  • Propagative Chemistry Propagative Chemistry
  • Nanotube Solutions Nanotube Solutions solutions of semiconducting carbon nanotubes
  • Energy Textile Energy Textile Si-CNT composite fibers weaved
  • A Beaded-String Si Anode A Beaded-String Si Anode
  • Fiber Spinning Fiber Spinning
  • Molecular Clips Molecular Clips
  • Double Walled Sensors Double Walled Sensors

Welcome to the Wang Research Group at the University of Maryland! We are a group of hard-working and creative researchers having fun at addressing some of the fundamental challenges in Energy, biomedical, and quantum technologies through Materials Chemistry of Carbon and beyond (E=MC^2 & beyond).

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