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image002-1Wang research group – December 2011


Wang research group – January 2011
From left: Hyejin Kwon, Dr. ChienFu Chen, Yanmei Piao, Jarrett Leeds, Alex Brozena, Yin Zhang, Brendan Meany, Dr. Cai Shen, Dr. Hongwei Liao, Dr. YuHuang Wang.


Wang Research Group (Jan 2010) – Photography by Dr. Cai Ling
From Left to Right: Huizhi Bai, Hongwei Liao, Yanmei Piao, Yin Zhang,
Jarrett Leeds, Shunliu Deng, Alex Brozena, Cai Shen, YuHuang Wang
Missing from Photo: Hyejin Kwon, Beiyue Shao


Shunliu, Beiyue, Alex, and Jessica present their posters at the 238th American Chemical Society National Meetings in Washington DC, August 2009.


Group Lunch in Olive Garden, 18 April 2009


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