GRADUATE RESEARCH (positions open!)
We invite talented, hardworking, and ambitious new graduate students to join our group. Interested individuals should contact Prof. Wang with a current CV and a short statement of research interest and career goal. The graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in building a cutting-edge research program focusing on nanomaterials chemistry and photophysics that are directed towards energy science and biomedical technology.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH (one position open!)
Undergraduate students who are interested in our research may participate through directed research (CHEM399) and summer research programs. Interested individuals should send an inquiry with current CV, transcripts with a list of courses that have been taken, and a short statement of your interests.

Visiting Scholars (positions open!)
We enjoy collaborating with creative, hardworking and ambitious visiting scholars. Interested individuals may send an inquiry with current CV and up to three reprints to Professor YuHuang Wang. A thoughtful statement on research interests and possible research projects in our group will be particularly helpful for quick decisions.

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