Group Alumni

  • Dr. Peng Wang (Ph.D.’20, Chemistry); Intel
  • Dr. Zhongjie Huang (Postdoc 1/2016-9/2020); Professor, Donghua University
  • Dr. Zhiwei Peng (Postdoc 6/2015-4/2020); Energy Nanotechnology, Inc.
  • Zupeng Wu (5/2020, MS); Tencent, Shenzhen
  • Yunfeng Li (5/2020, MS)
  • Dr. Mijin Kim (Ph.D.’18, Chemistry); Marie-Josée Kravis Woman in Sicence Endeavor Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Hongbin Luo (10/2017-9/2019), visiting graduate student from Nanjing Tech University
  • Dr. Brendan Meany (Ph.D. ’17, Chemistry); NIST
  • Dr. Lyndsey Powell (Ph.D. ’17, Chemistry); BNNT, Inc.
  • Dr. Allen Ng (Ph.D. ’16, Chemistry); Merrill Lynch
  • Dr. Hyejin Kwon (Ph.D. ’16, Chemistry)
    Senior Research Engineer, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Inc.
  • Dr. Chuanfu Sun (8/2011-7/2016)
    Professor, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Alexandra H. Brozena (Ph.D. ’13, Chemistry).
    Founder, Advanced English Editing
  • Dr. ChienFu Chen (11/2010 – 9/2011, postdoctoral associate).
    Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
  • Dr. Shunliu Deng (2008-2009, postdoctoral associate; 2016, visiting scholar).
    Professor of Chemistry, Xiamen University
  • Dr. Pingli He (11/2011-11/2013, Visting Scholar).
    Associate Professor, China Agricultural University
  • Dr. Jia Huang (2011-2012, postdoctoral associate).
    “1000 Young Talents” Professor, Tongji University
  • Dr. Hamid Latif (5/2013 – 11/2013, Visiting Scholar)
    Professor of Physics, Forman Christian College Lahore
  • Dr. Jarrett Leeds (Ph.D. ’13, Chemistry).
    Staff, Hewlett-Packard
  • Dr. Hongwei Liao (11/2009 – 6/2011, Postdoctoral Associate).
    Research Scientist, NanoSynthesis, Inc.
  • Dr. Yanmei Piao (Ph.D. ’14)
    Principal Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace, Inc.
  • David Ramsdell (MS ’13)
    Research Engineer, Schlumberger
  • Dr. Cai Shen (2010-2011, postdoctoral associate).
    Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. Yong Sun (2013, postdoctoral associate, joint / C. Lee)
    Staff, Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Dr. Yongxin Wang (2015-2016)
    Research Scientist, VF Corporation
  • Prof. Fengzhi Tan (2/2012-1/2013).
    Associate Professor, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian, Liaoning.
  • Dr. Xu Zhang (10/2016-10/2017), UPenn
  • Dr. Yin Zhang (9/2009-8/2011, visiting graduate student)
    Assistant Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • Undergraduate Researchers:
    David Burns (Fall 2013, John Hopkins)
    Esther Chong (2014-2015, Penn State)
    Matt Collins (2013-2014, Penn State)
    Joshua de Groot (Spring 2009, UMD)
    Kevin Dunlap (Charles Herbert Flowers High School, 2011 –2012. UMD)
    Alex Eftimiades (2011 – 2012, UMD)
    Nam Kim (2012-2013, UMD)
    Kyle Lun (Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 2009-2010)
    Jessica Moskowitz (2008 – 2009, UMD Medical School)
    Sahar H Romem (2010 – 2011, Columbia Univ. Medical School for International Health)
    Hwan-hee Park (Spring 2011, UMD Medical School)
    Beiyue Shao (2009- 2010, UT Austin)
    Mr. Alvin Daniels (Science teacher, High-Point High School, 2010-2014)
    Mr. Norris Powell (Science teacher, Central High School, NSF ExPERT Program, summer 2012)

(Dear Alumni: We would like to hear about your progress. Please keep us posted.)

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