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Structures of the Year:

2008. UM#1591: 2D modulation in super space group:

2007. UM#1457: Unexpected Chemistry

2006. UM#1287: Order-Disorder structure of VC type I

2005. UM#1222: Amazing stacking of simple molecules, Z'=32

Cover Page Structures:

Chem. Eur. J. 22, 17226 17238, 2016. Text/Reference Book: Springer, 2009. Inorg. Chem. 46, 1603, 2007. Dalton Trans. 1009, 2006.
with Lyle Isaacs group (UMD) Vitalij K. Pecharsky and Peter Y. Zavalij In collaboration with ARL (Dedeian et al.) In collaboration with CUA (Brewer et al.)


Jason M. Nichols, Yu Liu, Peter Zavalij, Lyle Isaacs, Michael P. Doyle Cationic Chiral Dirhodium Carboxamidates Are Activated for Lewis Acid Catalysis JACS 47, 1439-1442 (2008)
Khusnutdinova, Julia R.; Newman, Laura L.; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Lam, Yiu-Fai; Vedernikov, Andrei N. Direct C(sp3)-O Reductive Elimination of Olefin Oxides from PtIV-Oxetanes Prepared by Aerobic Oxidation of PtII Olefin Derivatives (Olefin = cis-Cyclooctene, Norbornene). JACS 130, 2174-2175 (2008)
Huang, Wei-Hao; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Isaacs, Lyle Chiral recognition inside a chiral cucurbituril. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 46, 7425-7427 (2007)
Hirotsu, Masakazu; Fontaine, Philip P.; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Sita, Lawrence R. Extreme N≡N Bond Elongation and Facile N-Atom Functionalization Reactions within Two Structurally Versatile New Families of Group 4 Bimetallic "Side-on-Bridged" Dinitrogen Complexes for Zirconium and Hafnium. JACS 129, 12690-12692 (2007)
Okunola, Oluyomi A.; Seganish, Jennifer L.; Salimian, Kevan J.; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Davis, Jeffery T. Membrane-active calixarenes: Toward 'gating' transmembrane anion transport. Tetrahedron 63, 10743-10750 (2007)
Fontaine, Philip P.; Epshteyn, Albert; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Sita, Lawrence R. Regio- and stereospecific syntheses and structural characterization of alkyl-substituted 1,3-diene complexes of cyclopentadienylzirconium amidinates of the general formula: (η5-C5Me5)Zr[N(iPr)C(Me)N(iPr)](σ2,π-C4H5R) (R=Me or Et).  J. Organomet. Chem. 692, 4683-4689 (2007)
Khaskin, Eugene; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Vedernikov, Andrei N. Oxidatively induced methyl transfer from boron to platinum in dimethyldi(2-pyridyl)boratoplatinum complexes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 63, 6309-6312 (2007)
Liu, Simin; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Lam, Yiu-Fai; Isaacs, Lyle Refolding Foldamers: Triazene-Arylene Oligomers That Change Shape with Chemical Stimuli JACS 129, 11232-11241 (2007)
Hirotsu, Masakazu; Fontaine, Philip P.; Epshteyn, Albert; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Sita, Lawrence R. Dinitrogen activation at ambient temperatures: new modes of H2 and PhSiH3 additions for an "end-on-bridged" [Ta(IV)]2(μ-η11-N2) complex and for the bis(μ-nitrido) [Ta(V)(μ-N)]2 product derived from facile N≡N bond cleavage. JACS 129, 9284-9285 (2007)
Kesanli, Banu; Halsig, Jordan E.; Zavalij, Peter; Fettinger, James C.; Lam, Yiu-Fai; Eichhorn, Bryan W. Cluster Growth and Fragmentation in the Highly Fluxional Platinum Derivatives of Sn94-: Synthesis, Characterization, and Solution Dynamics of Pt2@Sn174- and Pt@Sn9H3- JACS 129, 4567-4574 (2007)
Nichols, Jason M.; Wolf, Joffrey; Zavalij, Peter; Varughese, Bindhu; Doyle, Michael P. Bis(phenyl)dirhodium(III) Caprolactamate: A Dinuclear Paddlewheel Complex with No Metal-Metal Bond. JACS 129, 3504-3505 (2007)
Khusnutdinova, Julia R.; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Vedernikov, Andrei N. C-O Coupling of LPtIVMe(OH)X Complexes in Water (X = 18OH, OH, OMe; L = di(2-pyridyl)methane sulfonate). Organometallics 26, 3466-3483 (2007)
Khusnutdinova, Julia R.; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Vedernikov, Andrei N. Facile Aerobic Oxidation of dpms-Platinum(II) Ethylene Complexes (dpms = di(2-pyridyl)methanesulfonate). Organometallics 26, 2402-2413 (2007)
Dedeian, Kenneth; Shi, Jianmin; Forsythe, Eric; Morton, David C.; Zavalij, Peter Y. Blue Phosphorescence from Mixed Cyano-Isocyanide Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes. Inorg. Chem. 46, 1603-1611 (2007)
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Huang, Wei Hao; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Isaacs, Lyle Cucurbit[6]uril p-phenylenediammonium diiodide decahydrate inclusion complex Acta Cryst. E63, o1060-o1062 (2007)
Epshteyn, Albert; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Sita, Lawrence R.  High-Oxidation-State Neutral and Cationic Tantalum(IV) Alkyl Complexes That Are Stable toward β-Hydrogen and β-Methyl Eliminations. JACS 128, 16052-16053 (2006)
Huang, Wei-Hao; Liu, Simin; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Isaacs, Lyle.  Nor-Seco-Cucurbit[10]uril Exhibits Homotropic Allosterism. JACS 128, 14744-14745 (2006)
Mukhopadhyay, Pritam; Zavalij, Peter Y.; Isaacs, Lyle. High Fidelity Kinetic Self-Sorting in Multi-Component Systems Based on Guests with Multiple Binding Epitopes. JACS 128, 14093-14102 (2006)
Goenen, Z. Serpil; Paluchowski, Daniel; Zavalij, Peter; Eichhorn, Bryan W.; Gopalakrishnan, J. Reversible Cation/Anion Extraction from K2La2Ti3O10: Formation of New Layered Titanates, KLa2Ti3O9.5 and La2Ti3O9. Inorg. Chem. 45, 8736-8742 (2006)
Greg Brewer, Myro Joy Olida, Ann M. Schmiedekamp, Carol Viragh, Peter Y. Zavalij A DFT computational study of spin crossover in iron(III) and iron(II) tripodal imidazole complexes. A comparison of experiment with calculations Dalton Trans. 5617-5629 (2006)
Khaskin, E.; Zavalij, P. Y.; Vedernikov, A. N. Facile Arene C-H Bond Activation and Alkane Dehydrogenation with Anionic LPtIIMe2- in Hydrocarbon-Water Systems (L = Dimethyldi(2-pyridyl)borate) JACS 128, 13054-13055 (2006)
P.V. Santacroce, O.A. Okunola, P.Y. Zavalij, J.T. Davis A Transmembrane Anion Transporter Selective for Nitrate over Chloride Chem. Commun. 3246-3248 (2006)

Vedernikov A. N., Binfield S. A., Zavalij P. Y., Khusnutdinova J. R.

Stoichiometric Aerobic PtII-Me Bond Cleavage in Aqueous Solutions to Produce Methanol and a PtII(OH) Complex.


128, 82-83 (2006)

Brewer C., Brewer G., Butcher R.J., Carpenter E.E., Cuenca L., Noll B.C., Scheidt W.R., Viragh C., Zavalij P.Y., Zielaski D.

Synthesis and characterization of manganese(II) and iron(III) d5 tripodal imidazole complexes. Effect of oxidation state, protonation state and ligand conformation on coordination number and spin state.

Dalton Trans.

1009-1019 (2006)
Cover Page

Seganish J.L., Santacroce P.V., Salimian K.J., Fettinger J.C., Zavalij P., Davis J.T.

Regulating Supramolecular Function in Membranes: Calixarenes that Enable or Inhibit Transmembrane Cl- Transport.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

45, 3334-3338, (2006)
Doyle M.P., Morgan J.P., Fettinger J.C., Zavalij P.Y., Colyer J.T., Timmons D.J., Carducci M.D. "Matched/mismatched" diastereomeric dirhodium(II) carboxamidate catalyst pairs. Structure-selectivity correlations in diazo decomposition and hetero-Diels-Alder reactions. J. Org. Chem. 70, 5291-5301 (2005)
Liu S., Ruspic C., Mukhopadhyay P., Chakrabarti S., Zavalij P.Y., Isaacs L. The Cucurbit[n]uril Family: Prime Components for Self-Sorting Systems. JACS 127, 15959-15967 (2005)
Liu S., Zavalij P.Y., Isaacs L. Cucurbit[10]uril. JACS 127, 16798-16799 (2005)
Isaacs L., Park S.-K., Liu S., Ko Y. H., Selvapalam N., Kim Y., Kim H., Zavalij P. Y., Kim G.-H., Lee H.-S., Kim K. The Inverted Cucurbit[n]uril Family. JACS 127, 18000-18001 (2005)