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Single Crystal Analysis


Crystal and molecular structure determination of all type of compounds


Identification based on the cell dimensions using NIST database


Large small-molecule and small macromolecule structures


Treatment of  merohedral and non-merohedral twinning


Disordered and modulated structures


Absolute structure determination


2D Powder diffraction from only a few grains


Publication quality check and illustrative materials preparation
(see final report in html and PDF formats)


Consulting in the field of crystallography, structural,  solid state and materials chemistry

                  OD-structure of type VC I

Powder Diffraction


Phase Identification (Qualitative analysis) using ICDD database



     Integration of GADDS frames

Quantitative phase analysis

Ab initio unit cell indexing and high precision lattice parameters determination

Ab initio crystal structure determination from powder data

The Rietveld refinement of the crystal structure including Quantitative analysis

Fast (up to 1 hour) yet quality data collection using strip detector

High profile quality and low background data using solid state detector

Microdiffraction using Gbel mirror and area detector

Choice of  Mo Kα, Cu Kα or single wavelength Cu Kβ radiation

Good data from miniature samples - several milligrams and tens of millimeter in size

Large samples up to several kilograms and a foot long

Quality diffraction data and mapping of thin films (down to nanometer scale)

Effective avoiding of x-ray diffraction from the single crystal substrate

Amorphous content/Degree of crystallinity determination using internal or external standards

Standardless amorphous to crystalline single phase ratio for polymers and pharmaceutics

Neutron & Synchrotron data in collaboration with NIST & APS

Microstructure and texture analysis; crystallite (grain) size and micro-strain determination

Experience and expertise in chemistry, structure and analysis of all classes:

- metals, alloys and intermetallic compounds;
- inorganic compounds and complexes;
- minerals, zeolites and intercalates;
- organic, metal-organics and organometalic complexes

Powder X-ray characterization of materials with applications in:
manufacturing process and quality control; raw material analysis in mining, drug quality and purity in pharmaceutical industry; crystallinity of polymers and nano-materials; forensic analysis, and more