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X-ray Crystallographic Center at University of Maryland expanded significantly (from 2 to 5 diffractometers) and moved to a new lab in Fall 2007. Now the center consists of three labs:

      Chemical Crystallography
      Materials Characterization
  Protein Crystallography


Chemical Crystallography lab performs single crystal study using Bruker Smart1000 and Apex2 CCD systems:

Bruker Apex2 diffractometer is equipped with:


MoKα sealed X-ray tube

The newest Apex2 CCD area detector for rapid data collection from crystals

Graphite monochromator and Mono cap collimator

Motorized detector to crystal distance from 4 to 15 cm

CryoStream 700 low temperature system working in 80K - 400K range

Integrated Apex2 software suit for integration and advanced data treatment

Mounting Crystals


The lab is equipped wide field Leica microscope for crystal selection and mounting

In addition there is available Dry box with microscope/TV system for handling air and humidity sensitive crystals.

mounting technique used: glass fibers and capillary, cactus needles, MiTeGen mounts, etc.

Materials Characterization lab employs powder diffraction using Bruker C2 Discover and D8 Advance  systems:

C2 Discover with 2D detector


CuKα sealed X-ray tube with graphite Göbbel mirror

Vantec500 detector for real-time data collection, 2D diffractometry and quality patterns from small samples

Parallel beam geometry to probe small areas or regular or irregularly shaped sample

XYZ stage for combinatorial screening and capillary spinner

Video microscope with laser alignment for precise sample positioning

Hot stage providing high temperature up to 1200°C

D8 Advance with LynxEye and SolX


Choice of MoKα and CuKα radiation

9 Position sample changer and scatterless sample holders

ICDD powder diffraction database and search/match software

EVA software for data treatment

Advanced TOPAS software for structure refinement


Advance Diffraction lab includes small angle and thin film reflectivity systems:

Xenocs Xeuss SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS small angle X-ray scattering system

  Xeuss SAXS frame

5 Meter system with CuKα sealed 30W tube high brightness micro-focus source

Parallel beam optics and scatterless slits with automatic alignment

300K Dectris Pliatus detector for small angle scattering with a minimum Q=0.0045Å-1

100K Dectris Pilatus detector for wide angle scattering (up to about 45°2q)

Linham stage controlling temperature from about -100°C to 250°C

PANalytical X'Pert Pro MRD diffractometer for thin film reflectivity

  X'Pert Pro MRD

Sealed CuKα sealed tube with parallel beam W-Si mirror

Cross slits for incident beam and extra long diffracted beam collimator

4 Circle goiometer with XYZ motions and magnetic stage

Attenuator for direct beam measurement



Protein Crystallography lab performs study of macromolecular crystals using Bruker Proteum X8 system:

 Coming soon