Faces Scheduling System: (Web link; Group name: BIONMR_UMD)

Policies for NMR time reservation:

  1. All users should reserve NMR time BEFORE using the spectrometers.
  2. Accurate time booking:
    • Reserving excessive amount of time without detailed planning is NOT encouraged since all the spectrometers are shared instruments.
    • If one is running experiments without reservation or beyond his/her reserved time, the user having the current NMR time has the right to stop the experiment. It is the former user's responsibility to notify the next user in advance regarding the time arrangement.
  3. Time block:
    • Maximum block: 7 consecutive days on one spectrometer.
    • Minimum block: 4 hours.  Note that the rate will be lower if you book more than 24 hours as a block.
  4. Avoid interrupting a running experiment
          At one user's reservation time, other users are NOT encouraged to use the spectrometer computer, to avoid accidentally changing the spectrometer settings or interrupting a running experiment.
          A Data Processing Station is in the NMR room for users to process and view NMR data.


  1. Topspin 3.2 bug
    When using "edc" to copy a 2D experiment, please make sure the option "keep parameters" is unchecked. Otherwise the o1p will be set to 11ppm by default.  
  2. Web Browser won't open issue in CentOS
    If Firefox Web Browser won't open in CentOS, it is probably because it is still running in the background. To fix the problem, you may open System Monitor, find Firefox, and then end its process.
  3. The default period to show past appointment is one month set by the Faces system. If you would like to check older appointments, please contact Group's manager.