NMR Analytical Services

  • Liquid NMR analytical services and instrumentation on a wide range of samples, including biomolecules such as proteins, DNA, RNA and polysaccharides..
  • Consulting service on NMR methods, sample preparation, and isotope labeling methods
  • Workshops on NMR operation, 1D and 2D experiment setup, and data processing

Sample Submission


University of Maryland, College Park
Biomolecular Sciences Building, Bldg# 296, room 1105
Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD 20742
Attn: NMR Analytical Services


Dr. Daoning Zhang
Fax: (301)-314-0386
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Sample Requirements

  • Sufficient sample amount is desired for reliable NMR analysis.
  • Liquid samples should have a minimum volume of 500 uL in deuterated solvents.
  • The facility provides common deuterated solvents for solid samples.

Data Processing and Delivery

  • Acquired NMR Data will be processed by the facility and sent to the customer electronically, including processed and raw data.
  • Frequent users may request a FTP (file transfer protocol) account for direct data access.
  • There is also a separate computer (Data Processing Station) in the NMR room for users to view and process NMR data.


The facility offers competitive rates for quality and fast NMR analysis. Please contact the facility director for further details.
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Experiment Coverage (Please visit " Applications" to see examples )

  • Routine 1D proton and 1D carbon NMR experiments
  • DEPT, APT for carbon differentiation
  • 2D homonuclei and heteronuclei experiments such as HSQC, HMBC, TOCSY, and NOESY
  • Wide experiment temperature range, 5-135 °C
  • Additional NMR experiments are available upon request.

Becoming an on-site NMR User?

A client with NMR operation experience can choose to run his/her own samples at the facility. Please visit our User Guide web-page for further details.