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John Bender has been chosen for the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (~2.5% selection rate) based in part on his accomplishments at the University of Maryland and is honored to represent the university and the Fourkas research group in Germany this summer.

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3D letter M (for Maryland) created using  multiphoton absorption polymerization.  To appear in  "Multiphoton Fabrication," Christopher N. LaFratta, John T. Fourkas, Tommaso Baldacchini and Richard A. Farrer, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

Microinductor created using multiphoton absorption polymerization followed by selective metallization.  Also to appear in "Multiphoton Fabrication."

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Welcome to the Fourkas Group

Our research focus is on the use of ultrafast lasers and nonlinear optical techniques to probe, control and fashion condensed matter.

Some of our current areas of interest include multiphoton fabrication of functional micro and nanodevices, development of new nonlinear optical microscopies, and the structure and dynamics of confined liquids.

We hope that you will enjoy this virtual tour of our research, and come backoften for the latest group news.

Fabrication of a microcoil using multiphoton absorption polymerization. 

The width of the coil is 30 microns and the length is 100 microns (approximately the width of a human hair).