XCC Internal Ratesa (updated 1/1/2021)

Per Sample

Instr. Time

Assistanceb, Consulting

Powder XRD

D8 Advance


+ $12 /h

$30 per sample


C2/D8 Discover


+ $12 /h

$30 per sample


X'Pert Pro


$36 /h

$60 /h




$36 /h

$60 /h

Consulting, etc.

Extra analysis



$60 /h


Advanced analysis



$75 /h

Single Crystal

Apex2 experiment



extra $25 per add. featured


Structure Determination



$75/h, waved when co-author

New User Training




min 3 sessions

(internal users only)




min 4 sessions

Computer use only

Software and databases

Flat rate $100/mo

Charged to ot XRD users

a Rate schedule for external users is available per request.

b Assistance is charged when XCC staff runs experiment. It also includes sample prep and basic analysis.

c The charge is $3 per frame; here 5 frames per sample is assumed.

d Addition features or complications such as: twinning, modulation, extensive disorder, long exeriemnt, and others