Biomolecular NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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  CP600 NMR600 CP800
Magnet Ultrashield 600 MHz Ultrashield Plus 600 MHz Ascend 800 MHz
Console Avance III Avance III Avance III HD
Probe CPTXI 600S3 H-C/N-D-05 Z Cryoprobe TXI 600SB H-C/N-D-05 Z BTO

CPQCI 1H-31P/13C/15N/D Z-GRD Cryoprobe

PATXI 800S4 H-C/N-D-05 Z

Sensitivity CPTXI: 1H 4000:1; 13C 170:1 1H 1000:1

CPQCI 1H 7000:1; 13C 1400:1; 31 P 250:1

PATXI: 1H 2000:1

Sample Temperature 5-35°C 5-60°C 5-135 °C
Software TopSpin3.2 TopSpin3.2 TopSpin3.2
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution
  • Triple resonance capability
  • Sufficient for high resolution routine 1D, 2D and 3D experiments
  • High throughput ready
  • Triple resonance capability
  • High sensitivity
  • High resolution
  • 13C, 31P direct detection
  • High temperature sample analysis
  • Quadruple capability
  • Automatic tune and shim


Bruker 800 MHz NMR Installation