Analytical NMR Service & Research Center

NMR Training Programs.

Training Programs and workshops are offered throughout the year:nmruser-2011

  • NMR workshop.

    Techniques and Applications with NMR.

    Registration form and decription of the workshop.


  • Basic Training Introduction to use the NMR facility -- Offered year around.

    • The basic entry level is conducted typically by "Peer seniour users" or by NMR T.A.
    • Any other levels are conducted by staff members.
    • To register:
      • Download the training request "registration form" and submit to NMR staff members.
      • A mandatory Safety Orientation will be arranged before the user can access the NMR Labs.

Instruction Manuals for UMCP NMR users:

For Users new to Bruker Spectrometers:

For Automated Spectrometer users :

  • Capabilities: H-1, C-13, P31 and F-19 and routine 2D NMR (COSY and HSQC).
  • Tutorial offered weekly upon request, detail instruction available automated NMR spectrometer

Further Reading: UMCP-NMR web reference links.


For data processing using non-Bruker software.


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