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Self-Reservation: Limit to Department Users

All other NMR users, please contact us for consultation, sample submission and reservation.

Basic Planning Guide (sample preparation and Selection of spectrometers).

Quick comparison on sensitivity for H-1 & C-13:


Routine 400 (Lab II)




H-1 sensitivity

Quad probe


450 (BBI)

300  (BBO)

900  (BBI)


C-13 Sensitivity


40 (BBO)

60 (BBO)

80 (C-13)

Typical 1D C-13 spectrum

with H-1 decoupled.

(M.W. ~ 500 in 0.55ml solvent)


20 mg or more~2 hrs

(not suitable for < 2mg)

Not suitable
Unless you have > 20 mg sample



20 mg
 0.5 hr


10 mg
 2 mg ~ 2-3 hrs

Reservation policy HELP

Temperature controls Experiment:

Available in Am400, 500MHz and 600MHz with 24 hrs advanced request for setup.

Please download the temperature setup request and return to staff.

Condensed instruction for high temperature procedure.

To reserve time, click the link to the Scheduling Server:Faces reservation

Enter the followings

Our Group Name is " umcp ",

User Name --- your last name (all lower cases).,

Password ---- the four digitals of your ID.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Drs. Roushanzamir and York, University of Georgia, for the use of the Scheduling Server.


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