Analytical NMR Service & Research Center


To fully use the capabilities and services of the NMR Center, some potential applications and references are listed below. Feel Free to contact us for further consultation and planning of your NMR analyses.

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Applications .. on-line education links.

  • NMR Hardware Basic Joseph P. Hornak, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • NMR Techniques (1D & 2D ) Institute of Chemistry, Hebrew University.
  • DEPT Distortionless Enhancement by Polarization Transfer................   Francoise Sauriol.
  • NOE  fundamentals... .. Australia National University.
  • Transient NOE ( 1D-NOE via selective excitation) by DPFGSE-NOE ---A.J. Shaka.
  • Advanced NOE and ROE .. ..  Gerd Gemmecker,  Technical University Munich, Germany.
  • DOSY diffusion-order spectroscopy .. .. Mathias Nilsson, U of Machester, UK.
  • NMR Course ......   Francoise Sauriol, Queen's University.
  • H2BC,  HAT-HMBC  NMR Pulse Sequences ...... Ole Sorensen, Kemisk Institut, DTU.
  • Structure Determination of Proteins with NMR  .........  Horst Joachim Schirra, Max-Planck-Institute for BioChemistry

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