Analytical NMR Service & Research Center


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The Facility is equipped with five Bruker NMR spectrometers, and twenty different NMR probes are available to meet various demands and applications.

We provide services for analytical and research projects, as well as for education and training programs with NMR technology.

Daily quality assurance is strictly enforced and frequent communication with our users in emphasized to achieve the best outcome.

Please submit your samples to staff members. Pending time availability on the most suitable spectrometer, your samples will be analyzed as soon as we can schedule them.

For regular campus users of our facility, we also provide several hands-on operations as options. Upon completion of their training, users can carry out NMR measurements themselves and access the Center 24/7. The self-service mode is not available to off-campus users due to liability and security reasons.

Feel free to contact us for your NMR analyses with High resolution NMR Instrumentation.



  • FIVE NMR spectrometers (600MHz, 500MHz and three 400MHz); multinuclear with temperature controls.
  • Operating year round and providing services to all scientific researchers in the region.
  • Fast turn-over for product analysis (H-1, C-13, F-19 and P-31).
  • Suitable for quality and purity controls, product and reaction trackings.
  • Advanced two dimensional NMR and insensitive nuclei detection for complex or organometallic compounds.
  • Consultation, research and development for new projects available.
  • Network with NMR workstations for off-line data processing.

Last update:Aug 23, 2013 YFL