Postdoctoral, Research Professors & Visiting Scholars

Dr. Zhongjie Huang
Dr. Zhongjie Huang
Ph.D. in chemistry, Ohio State University
B.S. in chemistry, Nanjing University


Zhiwei Peng1
Dr. Zhiwei Peng
Assistant Research Professor
Ph.D. in chemistry, Rice University
B.S. in Chemistry, Peking University





Dr. Morihiro Okada
Ph.D. in engineering, The University of Tokyo
B.S., The University of Tokyo
Visiting Professor




Dr. Xiaojian (James) Wu
Ph.D. in chemistry
University of Florida







Dr. Beibei Xu
Ph.D. in physics
Zhejiang University





Prof. Daoli Zhang
School of Optical and Electronic Information
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
Visiting Professor

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