Janice E. Reutt-Robey
Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Tel. 301.405.1807
Fax. 301.314.9121
email: rrobey@umd.edu

Research Overview

We study the physical and chemical properties of surfaces (single crystals and supported crystallites) under controlled ultra-high vacuum conditions. A particular emphasis of our research is how surface structural elements - such as crystallographic steps and microfacets - influence surface diffusion and reaction. To access the spatial dimension of surface chemical processes, we utilize experimental probes for direct imaging (scanning tunneling microscopy), surface spectroscopy (infrared vibrational spectroscopy, thermal desorption spectroscopy, electron spectroscopy) and diffraction (low energy electron diffraction). Our experimental strategy is to track the evolution of surface chemical species from incoming molecules to final products, revealing the nature of active sites. Experiments are devised to permit a close connection to modern theories for chemisorption, diffusion, and reaction.