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Group News

Nature Materials has selected our group’s paper on core-shell nanoparticle catalysis as one of the 20 “landmark articles published in the journal over the past ten years”.

Congratulations Selim!

Aaron Geller wins 2014 GAANN Fellowship

Kim Huynh wins the 2014 Carl L. Rollinson Teaching Award

Aaron Geller and Kim Huynh win 2014 CTE Distinguished Graduate Student Teacher Award

Yi Yu wins 2014 Millard & Lee Alexander Fellowship in Chemistry

Congratulations to recently employed group members!

Dr. Chris Sims (National Institute of  Standards and Technology, 2014)

Dr. Yi Yu (Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 2014)

Dr. Chris Snyder (Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2014)

Sarah Gibbons (accepted to Ph.D. program at Dartmouth University)

Eichhorn Research Group