Emily Larkin  President

Emily Larkin

Hi! My name is Emily Larkin and I am a senior biochemistry pre-med student. Some of my favorite things include tacos, my cats, and garlic bread memes.

Andrew Brown  Vice President

Andrew Brown
Vice President

Hey guys! I’m Andrew Brown but my favorite color is purple. and I’m a senior biochemistry major. I have a passion for podiatry and my guilty pleasure is writing Gilmore Girl’s fanfics.

Nicholas Brazone Master of Ceremonies

Nicholas Brazone
Master of Ceremonies

Hi guys, my name is Nicholas Brazones and I am the Master of Ceremonies. I am a senior Chemistry and German double major and I simply love cleaning and organizing things. I also like music and playing the guitar in my free time.

Adam Sehne Treasurer

Adam Sehne

Hola I’m Adam Sehne and I am a Biochemistry and Math double degree. In addition to serving as your treasurer (#dollarbills), I am also the person who popularized wearing socks and sandals amongst the science nerd community. It is a heavy burden to carry; alas, with great power comes great responsibility. I follow back @insehne on insta and twitter.

Lorena Rivera  Reporter

Lorena Rivera

My name is Lorena Rivera and I’m a senior biochemistry and pre nursing student. I enjoy spending time hiking and trying new foods!

Andrew Liu and Nitzan Hirshberg Webmasters

Andrew Liu and Nitzan Hirshberg

Hey pals! This is Andrew Liu and Nitzan Hirshberg, your favorite co-webmasters. Andew is a Biochemistry pre-med student and Nitzan is a Math and Physics double degree. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Andrew’s role model and Nitzan aspires to be a contestant on Jeopardy.

Hadas Elazar-Mittelman Historian

Hadas Elazar-Mittelman

Shalom Chaverim! My name is Hadas Regina Bronte Elazar-Mittleman. I am a Materials Science Engineering major. I am a skydiving enthusiast and in my free time I BASE jump. #hardcoreparkour

Logan Baker Historian

Logan Baker

It’s ya boy, Logan Baker! Contrary to popular belief, I prefer to cook. I am a senior Biochemistry major. My dream is to learn how to unicycle.

Brianna Caljean Historian

Brianna Caljean

Hey I’m Brianna Caljean and I’m a senior Chemistry and Psychology major. I love the X-Files, bad movies, and true crime. Also, Sean Paul is my life.

Nik Schouten Recorder

Nik Schouten

I’m Nik Schouten and I am the Recorder for Alpha Chi Sigma this semester. I am a huge fan of bad movies, good food, and volunteering my time to help others. I joined in Spring of 2017 and have made so many great friends in the process.

Julian Washington II Social Chair

Julian Washington II
Social Chair

Sup pals, the name’s Julian Washington II. I am a senior Biochemistry major and I think that Sonic the Hedgehog is iconic. Go birds!

Christina Curtis Faculty Correspondent

Christina Curtis
Faculty Correspondent

Hi, my name is Christina and I am a junior Chemistry major who is minoring in Sustainability Studies. As the Faculty Correspondent, I am planning a luncheon where our brothers can talk with faculty members in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department while eating delicious food! In my free time, I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, study Spanish, and go to Body Pump with my big.

Anna Patnaik

Hi everyone! I am Anna Patnaik and I am a second year medical student here at the UMSOM. I loved my time in Alpha Chi Sigma so much that I’m still serving as an officer.