President Brian Krell

Brian Krell

Brian was the president.

Vice President Jack Sigler

Vice President
Jack Sigler

Hi, I’m Jack. I am a senior Chemistry major and not much else. I do a lot of painting, photography, astronomy and climbing in my spare time.  I do not have a basketball game tomorrow.

Master of Ceremonies Joseph Willoughby

Master of Ceremonies
Joseph Willoughby

Hi, I’m Joseph, a chemistry and criminal justice double major who loves blankets, sleep, chocolate milk, classical mythology, and Star Wars Battlefront. Can’t wait to meet you!

Treasurer Seth Eisenberg

Seth Eisenberg

Hi! I’m a senior chemistry major and public leadership minor. I love college basketball, working out, and my friends. If you’re interested in hearing an overly emotional rant, ask me about the movie Sing.

Treasurer Shirley Baten

Shirley Baten

I am a Chemistry-Physics double degree. Ask me about one of my interesting stories, I have many.

Reporter Erin McCaughey

Erin McCaughey

Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a junior chemistry major with a french minor. I love to hang out with friends, travel, and watch new TV shows. When I’m not studying for chem or with my friends, I’m probably practicing my french, so I can hopefully live there one day.

Webmaster Jack Graziano

Jack Graziano

Hi I’m Jack and I’m a junior chemistry major. I like science, I like to cook, and I love playing golf.

Historian Jared Baker

Jared Baker

Hi!  I’m Jared I am a Junior chemistry major.  I enjoy watching football and lacrosse, hanging out, and I do PCP lab testing.

Historian Chloe Hinson

Chloe Hinson

I am a second year biochem student with a passion for people and science history. I like long walks on the beach, thrift store vinyl, and stand up comedy; as well as pathology and biostatistics.

Historian Jake Rossetto

Jake Rossetto

Hey I’m Jake! I’m a junior chemistry major and I work for MAPS.

Recorder Saketha Pantula

Saketha Pantula

Saketh enjoys taking very serious pictures by the ocean.

Social Chair Jocelyn Taddonio

Social Chair
Jocelyn Taddonio

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Taddonio. I am a junior Chemistry major with a Criminology/Criminal Justice double major. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My spirit animal is a pterodactyl.

Sustainability Chair Kyle Spatz

Sustainability Chair
Kyle Spatz

Kyle loves the environment and will do anything to protect it.

Faculty Correspondent Victor Baumann

Faculty Correspondent
Victor Baumann

Victor corresponds with faculty. Yep, that’s it.

Alumni Secretary Flavia Negrete

Alumni Secretary
Flavia Negrete

Hi my name is Flavia and I just recently graduated from UMD this last May. I am very excited to be this years alumni secretary. I plan to keep the listerv updated, as well as plan exciting events for alumni to attend.