President Erica McGovern

Erica McGovern

I’m a senior biochem/neurophysics dual degree and am on the pre-medicine track! Swimming and kickboxing are my two sports, and I go to El Salvador every summer to do service work! Catch me at Looney’s on Mondays supporting my friend Nitzan, who hosts trivia (see below.)

Vice Master Alchemist Sophia Sommerkamp

Vice President
Sophia Sommerkamp

Hello! I’m a senior chemistry major aiming to become a chemistry professor. I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life and always root for the Orioles, Ravens, and Terps. My three favorite things are my family, friends, and Harry Potter.

Master of Ceremonies Christina Curtis

Master of Ceremonies
Christina Curtis

Hi my name is Christina and I am a senior chemistry major. I found out about this fraternity a year ago and joining it was one of my best decisions in life. When I’m not in the chemistry building, I like to go grocery shopping with Nitzan, play field hockey, and take lots of naps.

Treasurer Nitzan Hirshberg

Nitzan Hirshberg

Hi I’m Nitzan! I’m studying math and physics, but my true passion lies in trivia. Catch me on Mondays at Looney’s.

Treasurer Hannah Grove

Hannah Grove

Hi! I’m Hannah, a junior studying Biochemistry.  I can quote almost every Friends episode and am an avid nature photographer.

Lorena Rivera  Reporter

Lorena Rivera

My name is Hadas Elazar-Mittelman and I’m a junior Materials Science and Engineering. I love photography, hiking, cooking, and love watching Friends and New Girl. You could probably catch me in lab playing with cool, fun, new materials.

Webmaster Joseph Willoughby

Joseph Willoughby

Hey! My name’s Joseph and I’m a chemistry major. Anyone interested in geeky, nerdy, or sporty topics? Talk to me. I also love that Oxford comma.

Historian James Chang

James Chang

Hi, I’m James Chang. I’m an Ecology major and cooking enthusiast.

Historian Chris Gagnon

Chris Gagnon

Chris aims to graduate with a double major in chemistry and neuroscience. He is as into music and Creation, as he is into science. He believes that when necessary, hard work and respectful dedication can solve any problems.

Historian Jacob Roberts

Jacob Roberts

Hi. I’m Jake and I love sports and chemistry.

Recorder Mahe Shohalill

Mahee Shohalill

Hey y’all!! My name is Mahee Shohalilullo (don’t try to pronounce it). I am a junior majoring in Nutritional Science a pre-medicine student. I love fashion, soccer, badminton, and procrastinating.

Social Chair Elaine Alvarez

Social Chair
Elaine Alvarez

I’m from New jersey. I’m a biochemistry and neurophysics double major, and am on the pre-medicine track. I figure skated, played softball in high school, and have gone sky diving twice.

Faculty Correspondent Gilad Hampel

Faculty Correspondent
Gilad Hampel

Yegshemesh! I’m Gilad, a junior from Houston, Texas (no I don’t ride a horse to school) and am majoring in biochemistry. I enjoy dark humor.
Alumni Secretary Emily Larkin

Alumni Secretary
Emily Larkin

Emily is a kind, caring, loving individual who cares ΑΧΣ so much that she remained as an officer, despite graduating.