The speakers for the semester of Spring 2017 will be announced soon!

Guest Lectures by Dr. Sarah McGrath and Dr. Jessica Leigh

On November 17th, our chapter invited Dr. Sarah McGrath and Dr. Jessica Leigh to talk about their work as chemists at the Food and Drug Administration. Each of them spoke about their individual research focuses in the field of food safety, and Dr. Sarah McGrath invited the undergraduate members of the audience to apply for internships at the food and drug administration. The speakers showed the audience an avenue of research where they could take their chemistry training and put it to use for the public good.

Guest Lectures by UMD Professors and Postdocs On November 3rd, our chapter invited Dr. Lawrence Sita of the Chemistry department, and Dr. Chao Luo, a post-doctoral student in the chemical engineering research group of Dr. Chunsheng Wang to talk about their work. Dr. Sita presented his work on polyolefin chemistry in the context of his company, Precision Polyolefins. He explained the importance of studying subject areas outside of chemistry, such as business, to any aspiring scientist. Dr. Chao Luo presented his work on novel batteries based on compounds that can serve as anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes. His talk highlighted the importance of choosing research topics that have the potential to benefit society.


Guest Lecture by Dr. Michael Baumann

On October 20th, our chapter invited Dr. Michael Baumann of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to tell our members about his work at the Designer Drug Research Unit, which investigates the biochemistry and neurochemistry of New Psychoactive Substances. Dr. Baumann delivered his seminar to a full lecture hall of undergraduate students that were interested in learning about the role chemists play in drug enforcement and public policy.