ACS at the University of Maryland College Park

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is an international community of chemists and scientists with a mission “To advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners.” Here at College Park, we started an ACS student chapter to strengthen the scientific community on campus. Scroll down to find out more about how we foster professional development, networking and community service!

Our Activities

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The ACS national organization celebrates chemistry 365 days a year. We do our best to try to keep up by hosting Mole Day Celebrations, attending conferences, and organizing trivia nights. Our events are a great way to relax and meet people who are as excited about science as you are! Let us know if you think of any fun activities we can do as a chapter that are at least somewhat related to science!


Our chapter is committed to using what we learn in the classroom to educate kids about science. We regularly set up experiments at fairs, museums, and after school programs to teach basic chemistry concepts to young children and hopefully get them excited to learn science in school. We also recently started a tutoring program at local College Park Academy to teach high schoolers struggling with their chemistry course load. We'd love your participation in any of our outreach activities!

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Each semester we invite professional chemists to speak about their work. Chemists from the FDA, NIH, NRL visit campus to both speak about the research done at their agency and sometimes to inform us about internship opportunities. UMD Professors also come speak about research performed in their lab, occasionally looking for new undergraduate lab members. These meetings are valuable insights into grad school and possible career paths.


Mole Day!

Come join us to eat snacks, paint beakers, and make miniature moles as part of our annual celebration!
Date: 11/1/18   Location: CHEM1402

4th GBM

At this GBM, Dr. Tiwary and Dr. Fushman will be giving guest lectures about their research.
Date: 11/14/18   Location: CHEM1402

1st GBM

Stay tuned for details about our first meeting of the spring semester!
Date: TBA   Location: TBA